Monge Senior 0,4 kg - barība kaķiem

Monge Senior 0,4 kg - barība kaķiem

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Tootja: Monge

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Tarneaeg: 1-4 tööpäeva


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Complete food for older cats for 11-15 years. Rich in chicken and anti-oxidant against free radicals. A complete food for elderly cats from 11-15 years of age with specific nutritional needs. The food has been formulated with reduced energy and lipid density for less physically active animals. Contains Chondroitin and Glucosamin which, together, promote the maintenance of the mobility of your cat and the best operativity of the cartilage of the joints. The right dosage of Magnesium and the correct urinary pH value prevent the formation of kidney stones. It contributes to maintaining visual ability and good cardiac function due to the high content of Taurine and Vitamin A. Contains Rose hip, a natural source of Vitamin C, an optimal anti-oxidant which strengthens the immune system and Pineapple Stem, a source of Bromelain, assistant in resolving inflammation.

Monge Senior 0,4 kg - barība kaķiem

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